How Leaders Stay Ahead

May 2, 2018
May 2, 2018 3C

How Leaders Stay Ahead

What does it mean to stay ahead? How do we as business leaders stay ahead? How do we keep our business ahead?

There are many consistent traits in business leaders. And all of these traits whether they be viewed as positive or as negative… they all work together to create a magic. I call it a magic because you can literally see it…. but can’t always explain it.

There was magic to how Steve Jobs was. While polarizing, no one can dispute he had a magic about him. While concepts like speed, attention to detail, ability to inspire and discipline are obvious traits. There is one trait that in my opinion sets those who build good companies apart from those who change the world.

While many traits create tremendous leaders…in my opinion one trait is the catalyst for magic. A magic that creates Tesla. A magic that creates Apple.

A magic that drove Marc Lore in 2011 to sell his ecom empire to Amazon for $545 million… would you stop at $545 million? Imagine the life that affords. So what drove Marc to do more. What trait does Marc poses that had him create JET – a direct competitor to the very company that made him so wealthy…. Amazon?

I have had the privilege of meeting with 4 CEO’s this week. And I saw this one trait in all of them. Despite not having the answers. Despite not knowing how they would get there. Despite the lines of credit and real threats they have in front of them…. in all of them I hear belief.

A belief that everything they believe in will happen. A belief that everyone around them will achieve what they too believe in. And when you combine this magical trait with one simple, yet profoundly important action then everything will happen.

That action is sharing. Share yourself, share your thoughts, share your passion, share your plans, share your wealth, share your fears, share your vision and most of all….. share your belief. Literally give your belief to everyone around you.

When you do this…. when you share your belief with everyone…. you inspire everyone around you…. you give courage where courage is needed…. you give solutions where solutions are needed…. you create a life of belief for not only yourself but for everyone around you… you create a life of innovation….

…and you… and your business… STAY AHEAD.